How to count cards in blackjack?

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Card Counting in blackjack
APR 09

Blackjack is the favorite card game in the Wild Card City Casino. Players love to play blackjack for its ease of gameplay and a high chance of hitting the big jackpot. Some gambling experts use the practice of card counting, which allows you to always win in blackjack. It is better to use it in real casinos, but in theory, you can use this practice even in online gambling. Let us tell you how to count cards in blackjack.

What is Card Counting?

In blackjack, card counting is a curious tactic where you have to guess who will have an advantage in a game, the dealer or the player. It allows you to make more winning bets with the minimum amount of risk to yourself. If the other player starts to win, then with the help of card counting tactics, you can change the course of the game, change decisions, and adjust it to your winnings.

How to Count Cards? Step-By-Step blackjack guide

Counting cards can do every person who knows the process and has rich experience playing the blackjack. This strategy is called Hi-Lo, and to use it, the player should break your play into some steps:

  • Step 1. When you start to play, memorize all the cards' assigned values. Use this table.
Card type Count
All the high cards, like 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace Count them as -1
All the low cards (from 2 to 6) Count them as +1
Other cards, 7-9 Count them as zero
  • Step 2. Count all the cards you see on the table. If you see four cards with «-1, -1, 0, 0», the amount is negative. It means that the game is more profitable for the dealer than for the player. To win, you have to increase the run count.
  • Step 3. Then you should find out the "true count", or count per deck. To win, dealers always use multiple decks. To obtain information about the probabilities within the game, you need to refer to the true count. We can get the real score by dividing the value of the running count by the number of decks remaining in the game.
  • Step 4. Analyze if your true count rises or falls. Raise your bets as the true count rises. Otherwise, the win will go in favor of the casino.

Remember that the counting cards tactic works on a simple rule: if the score is positive, the probability of hitting large cards (and hence the mathematical expectation of the player winnings) increases; if it is negative, it decreases.

Card Counting Guide by Steps
Step 1 Assign a value to a card
Step 2 Calculate the overall score of the cards you see on the table
Step 3 Find out the «true count» by dividing the running count by decks remaining
Step 4 Make your bets whether the count rises or falls

Is Card Counting Legal in Wild City Casino?

Wild City Casino is the place where you can play blackjack for free online. But sometimes, people wonder if it is legal to use card counting practice in an online casino. Formally, yes. But in the gambling world, using this tactic is cheating. You may get banned for it.

But the truth is that card counting as a tactic is helpless in online blackjack. The random number generator is set up so that drawing cards from the box they are in is a simple simulation.

The system mixes the decks after each hand. So there is a minimum chance for you to win in blackjack using the card counting tactic.

But, most online casinos with blackjack provide their gamblers an opportunity to play in a live casino with a real dealer. There are no computers, just real people, and card counting practice may apply here.

Can I Use This Tactic in a Real Casino?

As it was said previously, card counting is a kind of cheating. You can use this tactic in real casinos at your own risk. Using a card counting tactic in blackjack, you may break inner casino rules.

Advice on Using the Card Counting Tactic

Be careful using this strategy while playing blackjack. Even though it is not forbidden, card counting strategies are not recommended for use in many casinos, so casinos can kick you out and never let you play again.

Card counting demands not only knowledge but also intense practice. It may take years to master this strategy and become the best blackjack player. Also, don't be afraid to make mistakes because becoming a professional gambler without them is impossible.