Is Online Gambling Legal in Australia

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Сasino legality in Australia 2023
APR 09

Australians who have never tried their hands at online casino games sometimes fail to understand whether this type of entertainment is allowed in the country. In this article, we'll share the answer to the question "Is gambling legal in Australia?". Plus, we'll provide recommendations on how to make the most of this kind of activity.

Online Gambling Laws Australia

In 2001, the Interactive Gambling Act outlawed online casinos. Yet it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy gambling online Australia without violating the law! The national Communications and Media Authority keeps a register of interactive gambling providers that are licensed to operate in this country. You can safely use the services of any provider from the list.

What Will Happen If I Sign Up for a Casino That Is Not Included in the ACMA Register?

You might be able to sign up for a platform that is not officially allowed to work in Australia. But that won't be a good idea. Here are a few examples of negative consequences that you might face:

  • If you access a licensed foreign casino with the help of a VPN, you might fail to verify your identity and residence — and you won't be allowed to withdraw cash
  • If the platform is not licensed, it might fail to pay you out the winnings
  • Unlicensed casinos might leak your confidential data or sell it to third parties

The good news is that there are many legal gambling platforms to choose from. You can play safely and be sure to receive your winnings on time.

Are Online Casinos Legal in Australia for Underage Gamblers?

No! To be able to enjoy legal Australian online pokies, you need to come of age. All licensed casinos will ask you to verify your identity by submitting a copy of your ID. They have a right to carry out additional verifications by making audio and/or video calls to you.

If the casino administration finds out that you're underage, they will void all your winnings. Plus, they will send the money that you spent on bets back to their rightful owner. When you finally come of age, casinos might limit your gambling opportunities because they already know you might misbehave.

Are Online Pokies Legal in Australia for Those Who Place Bets with Money That Doesn't Belong to Them?

When setting the reels of online casino pokies in motion, you should use only those funds that belong to you. As you'll be verifying your identity, the casino might ask you to provide a copy of your credit card or a screenshot of your e-wallet or crypto wallet. You won't need to share your full financial credentials with the gambling platform. It will be enough to show just the first and the last few digits of the card's number and you'll be able to cover the CVV.

If the casino finds out that you're gambling with someone else's money, it might block your financial transactions, void your winnings and send the funds back to their rightful owner. If you want to borrow money from a friend or a family member, you shouldn't ask them to give their cards to you. Instead, they can transfer funds from their cards to yours. Please mind that according to the norms of responsible gambling, you should place bets only with those funds that belong to you and that you can afford to lose. It's risky to make debts because of gambling.

I Play Legally and Honestly But the Online Casino Administration Accuses Me of Fraudulent Behavior — Why?

To find an answer to this question, you should glance through the platform's terms and conditions. There, you'll discover the characteristics of all gaming patterns that can be classified as fraudulent. For instance, you might not be allowed to withdraw funds without playing them through. Or, you might be required to place bets that don't exceed a certain threshold when wagering bonuses.

If you fail to respect the rules of the platform, you might:

  • Have your account suspended until the administration completes the investigation
  • Be banned from all or selected promotional offers
  • Be added to a black list that casinos exchange with each other

Individuals from the black list might not be able to join gambling platforms and play for real cash there. It's the most severe measure for those who disobey systematically. If you invest some time in exploring the terms and conditions of the casino, you shouldn't face any problems.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article informative and now you don't need to ask "Is online gambling legal in Australia?" anymore. The local government allows selected casinos that are registered abroad to get permission to operate in Australia. If you have come of age, you can sign up for a licensed gambling platform and play legal online slots real money.