What Is Return to player?

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All About RTP
APR 09

When choosing which game to launch in an online casino, you should pay attention to the RTP. It's one of the most important parameters that define the generosity of a game. In this article, you'll find an answer to the question "What is RTP?". This information should enable you to win more cash, lose less and have more fun.

What Is RTP Slots+

The RTP acronym stands for "return to player". It is relevant not only for slots but also for table games, live dealers, video poker and other types of entertainment. It reveals the percentage of funds that the game distributes among its players. The higher the RTP, the better for you.

Let's imagine that the RTP of a certain game is 95% and its current prize pool is $10,000. It means that the game will pay out $9,500 in prizes and will leave $500 for itself. The more bets players make, the larger the prize pool. But you shouldn't expect to get all the pool only for yourself! All users who play this game and win will get their shares — and the sizes of these shares might differ considerably. Someone might win $20 and someone might get $900.

When answering the question "RTP what is it?", we should also mention the term "house edge". It denotes the percentage of funds that the casino leaves for itself. The lower it is, the better for you.

Here are the two formulas that you might want to remember:

  • House edge = 100% - RTP
  • RTP = 100% - house edge

The high RTP slot games enable casino clients to win at least 96% of their prize pool. With live dealer and table games, this indicator is even higher. Now you know why the wagering contribution of slots is usually 100% while that of live dealer and table games might be 50%, 20% or even less. Since the latter types of entertainment have a lower house edge, they don't bring as much profit to the casino as slot machines.

Reasons Why the RTP of a Game Might Fluctuate

When you check ratings of the best RTP slots Australia, you might notice that the generosity of certain titles might vary depending on the casino where you launch them. For instance, it might fall within the range from 88% to 95%. This difference depends on the gaming operator. Online casinos need to not only entertain their customers but also remain profitable.

Legal and licensed gambling platforms can't modify the RTP of games at their discretion. They can only choose from the numbers that software developers offer. Casinos that lack a license might play unfairly. They can fine-tune the algorithms of games so that you'll never be able to win. It doesn't make sense to sign up for unregulated gambling platforms because they might fail to pay out your winnings, no matter how high the RTP is.

Besides, the RTP of some games might increase or decrease during bonus rounds. For example, it might increase if you activate the Bonus Buy feature. Such an approach encourages you to spend more funds and allows you to boost your adrenaline level.

How the Volatility Impacts the Best RTP Casino Slots

As you launch a game with a high RTP, you shouldn't expect it to shower you with money from the onset. The frequency of paying out prizes depends on the game's frequency:

Low You'll be winning frequently but the sum of the prize will be low
Medium It won't take you too long to win but you shouldn't expect large prizes
High You might need to wait for a long time to win but the sum of the prize will be high

Gamblers with little experience might prefer to start with low-volatility games to gain confidence.

The RTP of Live Dealer and Table Games

The RTP of these types of entertainment depends on their variety. For instance, here are the approximate RTPs of the three most popular roulette varieties:

American 94.74%
European 97.30%
French 98.65%

That's why most casinos that feature roulette offer its American variety — but only selected gambling platforms have the French one.

How to Detect the Best RTP Casino Games

Some gambling platforms enable you to filter games by RTP. If not, you might be able to check the description of each title from the catalog on the casino's website. Otherwise, you can google the information about the game. Always make sure to double-check the provider because different software developers can release games with identical names.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article informative and now you have a comprehensive answer to the question "What is RTP in casino?". This indicator reveals how generous the game is and which percentage of funds it distributes among players. The higher the RTP, the better for you.